Registering as a Member to IMGPost

Registering as a member to IMGPost is completely FREE and there are no optional payments for any extra features. That's because IMGPost relies solely on the income from adverts which are based around the website. Although nowadays many people use AdBlockers there are still a number of people that do not.

But that does not answer why YOU should register as a member on IMGPost and what benefits you get as a member rather than continuing to being a guest.

  • Membership is 100% FREE
  • Members get to upload 5 MegaByte pictures rather than 1 MegaByte for guests.
  • Members get to create albums and have full control of their photos (Edit / Delete & Password Protect albums / Allow photos to expire.
  • Guest photos are deleted automatically within a certain amount of time. However this does not affect member's photos.
  • Members get to control the image title and add descriptions of their photos.
Edit or resize any image by clicking the image preview
Edit any image by touching the image preview
You can add more images from twój komputer or dodać adresy obrazów.
You can add more images from twoje urządzenie, zrób zdjęcie or dodać adresy obrazów.
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